Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Simply What I've Done

Your’e breakin down honey I’m ready to bet
I’m about to break throught your golden net
my stars are fallin are you prepared
Will you catch them will you dare
will you still wear them in your eyes
when I’m not there to listen to your lies.
We had some fun yeah it was great
baby don’t try to make me wait
to late it’s over I’m done I’m gone.
This love is simply what I’ve done.
You think I could fall prey to that look
Sweety your tricks are the oldest in the book
I’m lookin at beaches and white sand.
There’s some holding left in my hand
You didn’t change from me that girl
I’ve got my knack and my red curls
Well baby this is it I have better things to do

No More of This Fight

No More of This Fight
Well here are some lyrics... It's a start. Tell me what you think.
I feel the pain in your sweet eyes.
We should try to sort out the lies.
I didn't have to do it to learn.
Playing with fire will get you burned.S
ob stories are not the same,
as coming clean and winning the game.
CHORUSThis life is short this road is hard.
I judge too quick and I should see.The doors I've shut the life unlived.
I know what it should really mean.
So from now on I'm wrong your'e right.
No more I'm quitting out this fight.

As soon as I find my microphone I'll record sound

Saturday, July 22, 2006


A couple of weeks ago in Eagar I went to my Aunts ward and I remember thinking this boy in my Sunday school class was really cute and then when we went back he wasn't there but his sister told me that he had the biggest crush on me. Isn't that great? Also I gave everyone in my house a cold and now i have to do everything.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I love music. There are just some emotions you can't express without a melody. I also like to write music I'm just not very good at it. I have bits of melodies and a few random lyrics. When I finish a song I'm going to publish it on this post. Well the lyrics anyways I dont know how I'd get the music on here.Maybe I'll write the chords. Maybe I'll figure something out. Anyways I'd love to hear opinions about the stuff I put here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Freedom of the Press?

Why on Earth did we fight so long and hard for freedom and speech and press if the press is going to let itself be controlled by what people wnat to hear? There are Journalists who have the power to investigate and expose corruption in the government and in rich companies. However the most popular and in depth stories are about movie stars and sports. Freedom of Press? Or is it just freedom to write what ever will make me the most money in the shortest time possible? There use to be a time when people valued the truth. I think we should start doing it again. Who cares which pop princess is aving the baby of some drug addict rock star. I want to know why the gas companies can get away with gouging gas prices? Or why so much money goes to NASA and hardly any to education? Or why people can live off the government by sitting on their butts and watching t.v. all day? I want to know more about that stuff.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Can you decide?
Char(from the book Ella Enchanted) or Mr. Darcy?
Prince Eric( Little Mermaid) or Prince Phillip(Sleeping Beauty)?
Superman or Batman?
Orlando Bloom or Chad Michael Murray?